Air Quality: Science for Solutions

 The conference will be LIVE at UDAQ this year (a streaming option will be available).

COVID Requirements will be the current recommendations from the Health Department.

7th Annual conference: Thursday, March 30, 2023
Registration deadline: March 20, 2023. Abstract deadline: February 27, 2023.
Conference Schedule

You can download the 2023 Conference Flyer.

Presenter Guidelines


Abstracts should be limited to approximately 350 words. (Honestly, shorter abstracts are more likely to be read by everyone anyway.) Please submit your abstract as a pdf. If your abstract is accepted, the pdf you submit will be exactly what is posted on the conference website and agenda.

Oral Presentations:

Talks will be 15 minutes maximum with 3 minutes for Q&A and the transition to the next speaker for a total of 18 minutes. The session moderator will step in to keep things on track if we must. All talks need to be preloaded onto the conference computer prior to the meeting starting. Detailed instructions will come with your acceptance email.

Poster Presentations:

Thank you for preparing a poster for the Science for Solutions conference.  We look forward to viewing it and learning about your work. We want to archive your poster on the conference website and make it available to a wider audience. So please send a pdf of your poster as described below in addition to having a hardcopy of your poster for the actual conference.


Guidelines for the printed poster:


Conference Poster Example

Posters will be displayed on an easel as shown in the photo. Easel will accommodate the poster board with either the 59.5 inch or 40 inch side horizontal. We have found that horizontal posters are generally easier to read, especially for people in wheelchairs or who are shorter of stature.